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Quick Post: 0x00000002 Error Adding a Printer

When adding a printer you receive an error that says, “Windows cannot connect to the printer. Operation failed with error 0x00000002”


Unfortunately the only thing I have ever found to resolve this is restarting the print spooler service.

Printer Keeps Going Offline

September 19, 2014 1 comment

A user reported that they had printed some documents but that they were not printing. Looking at the print server I saw that the printer was showing as Offline.

1 Offline

I was able to ping it as well as bring up the web interface. As a test I disabled SNMP checking for the printer’s port by doing the following:

  • Right click the printer & select Properties.
  • Select the Ports tab.
  • Select the printer’s port & click Configure Port.
  • Uncheck SNMP Status Enabled.
  • Click OK.

The moment I did that the printer went to a Ready status & the documents printed. I have two printer server that both have this printer configured. They were both experiencing the issue so I believe the issue to be with the print servers.

OK, perhaps the SNMP string got changed on the device. I ran an SNMP test (Paessler has a good free one but it check out good using the SNMP string configured on the printer’s port.

So when in doubt use ProcMon. First, I set the printer’s port back to using SNMP checking then fired off ProcMon on the printer server. Within a minute the printer switched from Ready to Offline. I stopped ProcMon & begun the artful task of sifting through the capture. I noticed a section where the print server starting sending SNMP requests to all the printers. I saw a response for all the other printers but none for the one in question. Note below all I saw were UDP Send.

2 no snmp response

So for some reason the printer is not responding (or not responding timely. I didn’t feel like doing a full on packet capture). So like everything else if it’s not working, reboot. Once the printer came back up it I started another ProcMon capture. This time I saw the SNMP requests & responses (UDP Send & UDP Receive).

3 with snmp responses

Sure I could have just left SNMP unchecked on the printer port but that wouldn’t have really resolved the issue; just masked it. Now if it continues to happen I may have to see if there is a newer firmware for the printer that resolves SNMP issues (or contact HP, ugh), but for now a printer reboot will do the trick. I also got to see a little more under-the-hood thanks to ProcMon.

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0x00000006 Error Adding Printer

October 30, 2013 12 comments

Warning: This post deals with editing the registry. If you don’t know what that is stop right here & ask someone else to help you. Using the registry incorrectly can cause serious problems that may require you to reinstall Windows. Use the registry at your own risk.

When adding a network printer you may receive an error that says, “Windows cannot connect to the printer. Operation failed with error 0x00000006.”


If you try again you may get an error that says, “Windows cannot connect to the printer. no printers were found.”

no printers

To resolve this issue open regedit & browse to HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Print\Providers. Just to be safe make a backup of the Client Side Rendering Print Providers key. Then delete the Client Side Rendering Print Providers key. Close regedit. Restart the Print Spooler service. Now try adding the printer again & you should not get an error.


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Error Printing From Outlook

September 23, 2013 2 comments


When printing from Outlook a user gets an error in the Backstage Preview Pane that says, “There was an error when printing started. To check the printer setup, double-click the Printers icon in Windows Control Panel.”



Delete the outlprnt file from C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Outlook then restart Outlook.

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Remove All Network Printers from Windows 7 or 2008 R2

February 28, 2013 Leave a comment

From a command prompt run the following command:

wmic printer where Local=FALSE delete

Job Storage Tab Missing

August 15, 2012 6 comments
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Manually Feed Mid Weight Letter

February 29, 2012 Leave a comment

<sarcasm>I love nothing more than dealing with printer drivers.</sarcasm>

After updating the driver for an HP LaserJet 4515 from the discrete PCL6 to UPD 5.2 users started reporting that the printer was not printing. The display was showing a message that said, “MANUALLY FEED MID WEIGHT LETTER”.

Looking at the tray settings on the printer all paper sizes & types were correct. Looking at the Device Settings tab for the printer on the print server the tray settings were correct as well.


The issue turned out to be that the paper type in the driver was set as to Mid-Weight 96-110g by default.

To fix do the following.

  • Right click on the printer & select Properties.
  • Click the Advanced tab.
  • Click Printing Defaults.
  • Select the Paper/Quality tab.
  • Click the arrow in the Paper type drop-down & select More.
  • Expand Type is & select Unspecified.

  • Select the General tab & click Printing Preferences.
  • Repeat the same steps for the Paper type.
  • Click OK through all remaining dialog boxes.
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