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Error Updating Printer Settings

I’m in the middle of updating all the HP printers on our printer servers from the various discrete drivers to the Universal Print Driver (UPD). After adding one of the printers & selecting Update Now from Automatic Configuration on the Device Settings tab I received two errors. The first said, “This command could not be completed because a printer communication error occurred.” After clicking OK the second error said, “The device ‘printername’ may not be able to print this document. Communication with the device could not be established to verify if this is a support HP device. Please specify a different device or load a driver specifically designed for this device.”

The issue was two-fold. In the web interface for the printer on the Networking>SNMP tab, SNMP was disabled. I enabled it.  I also had to enable SNMP on the printer’s Port tab on the printer server. I went back to the Device Settings tab & selected Update Now again. This time I did not get an error.

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    Nice article and so very interesting ! Thank you for good information.

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