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DBAN Error

When booting a Dell OptiPlex 760 to Darik’s Boot and Nuke (DBAN) you receive a few messages/errors that say:

  • BIOS EDD facility v0.16 2004-June-25, 0 devices found
  • EDD information not available.
  • Warning: unable to open an initial console.


Solution – Upgrade the BIOS to A15 then try again.


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Dell Driver FTP Download Page

March 30, 2013 Leave a comment

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Error Using EqualLogic Datastore Manager

September 28, 2012 6 comments

UPDATE – 10/23/2013 – After upgrading the HIT Kit from to I am able to use Java 1.7 Update 45 without issue.


The Dell Host Integration Tools for VMware (often called the HIT kit) are a set of vSphere Plug-ins that assist in doing a lot of storage realted tasks on an EqualLogic SAN from within the vSphere client.

Recently I ran into an issue when using the EqualLogic Datastore Manager plug-in to create a new datastore. I first noticed an issue when the navigation pane on the left was stuck showing “Retrieving data…”.

I clicked on Create Datastore & got the same “Retrieving data…” message on the first screen of the wizard.

The message is due to a Java issue. Turns out it doesn’t work if you have the latest version installed which is 1.7 update 7 at the time of this writing. You have to downgrade to 1.6 update 35 which is the latest as of this writing. Then it starts working again.

So in conclusion…

Java is THE WORST software EVER. Worse than Adobe Reader & Flash. Everyone always talks about it like it’s so great because it’s cross-platform & runs on everything & blah-blah-blah. Yeah, that’s all great until you have to update it. And that’s the problem. It’s constantly being updated because it’s just one big security vulnerability. But you can’t update it to protect yourself because then all these Java applications stop working because these Java programmers can’t come down from their pedestal to fix their shitty software. You may think your language is so superior, but you should probably talk to a few System Administrators & ask them how great they think it is. We’re the ones that have to deal with your incompetence.

iDRAC Not Working

I wasn’t able to connect to an iDRAC on a Dell PowerEdge R710. It was plugged into an active switchport but just would not get link. With OpenManage Server Administrator installed on the server I looked at the Configuration tab in the Remote Access section.

I noticed that NIC Selection was set to Shared. That seemed odd so I compared that setting to another R710. The other one was set to Dedicated. I switched the problem one from Shared to Dedicated & it started working.

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Quick Post: Dell OptiPlex 790 Other Devices

February 27, 2012 Leave a comment

After installing Windows 7 Enterprise SP1 on a Dell OptiPlex 790 I had a PCI Simple Communications Controller showing up under Other devices.

To fix install the Intel Unified AMT 7 Management Interface Driver (version A01) released on 8/8/2011. Download locations are or

Dell PowerEdge R710 Memory Error During POST

March 25, 2011 3 comments

I noticed that one of my many brand new Dell PowerEdge R710 servers was generating an error during POST that said, “Warning: Unsupported memory configuration detected. The memory configuration is not optimal.”

Well that doesn’t look right. Looking in the BIOS under memory settings I see that Memory Operating Mode is set to Optimizer Mode.

Yeah…that’s not right. Shame on Dell for sending this out wrong. Let’s change that to Advanced ECC Mode.

Rebooted & no more error.

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Remove the Default Wallpaper from Dell Servers

February 10, 2011 Leave a comment

Warning: This post deals with editing the registry. If you don’t know what that is stop right here & ask someone else to help you. Using the registry editor incorrectly can cause serious problems that may require you to reinstall Windows. Use the registry editor at your own risk.

If you use the default Windows installation with a new Dell server (which I do not recommend) you might notice that they set a horrible image as the default wallpaper for all users. To undo this do the following:

  • Open regedit & browse to HKU\.DEFAULT\Control Panel\Desktop.
  • Right click the Wallpaper value & select Delete.
  • Close regedit.
  • Reboot the server.

No more default image.

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