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Backlog: ZIP instead of XLSX

March 17, 2017 Leave a comment

As an ode to Stephen Colbert this is Part 1 of my open-ended series…“Backlog”. ZIP instead of XLSX! These will admittedly be old topics but I’m clearing out a “backlog” of draft blog posts.

I got a report from a user that was trying to download an Excel file from our company’s Intranet that it was prompting him to save it instead of just opening it as it always has. Taking a look at it I see that it is prompting to open it however the file type is being identified as a zip file.

If I click Open I get the prompt the user was talking about where Save or Cancel are the only options.

Luckily since this is an internal web server it can be fixed. The issue is that the web server does not know how to handle the XLSX file type (i.e. MIME type). To fix this use the following steps to add the MIME type for the XLSX MIME type as well as a few others listed at the end.

  • Open IIS Manager.
  • Right click Servername & select Properties.
  • Click the MIME Types button.
  • Click New.
  • In the Extension field type xlsx
  • In the MIME type field type


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