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Emails Going Directly to Deleted Items Folder

January 21, 2013 3 comments

Here’s a quick one.

Is a user reporting that some emails are going directly into the Deleted Items folder? Check the following things.

  • In Outlook is there a rule created causing the email to move?
  • In Outlook is the email conversation(s) in question being Ignored? Link
  • In Exchange is AutomateProcessing set to AutoAccept? Run the PowerShell command below.
Get-CalendarProcessing -identity username | fl

Block Android Device From Accessing OWA

January 7, 2013 Leave a comment

So you want to block those insecure Android devices from connecting to OWA? Are you using TMG? No problem.

Right click your OWA publishing rule & select Configure HTTP.

1 Configure HTTP

Select the Signatures tab & click Add.

2 Signature tab blank

In the Name field type Android. In the Description field type Android devices. In the Search in drop-down select Request headers. In the HTTP header field type user-agent. In the Signature field type Android. Click OK.

3 Android

Apply the change to TMG.

Now if you try to browse to OWA from an Android device you will get an error that says, “Error Code: 500 Internal Server Error. The request was rejected by the HTTP filter. Contact the server administrator. (12217)”


Now tell those users to go get a much better Windows Phone 8 device.

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