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Extending the C Drive

I recently had an issue where a server’s C drive was a few megabytes away from being full.

The good news was it was a virtual machine so it’s easy to make the hard drive bigger. Shutdown the VM. In the vSphere client right click the virtual machine & select Edit Settings. Select the hard disk & increase the Provisioned Size to the desired size.

Power on the VM & login. Back in the Disk Management there is now an additional 20GB of unallocated space.

The bad news was it’s Windows Server 2003 so there’s no built-in way to extend the System drive. Luckily there’s a nice little tool from Dell called ExtPart. Download & extract it to a folder. Back in Disk Management right click Disk 0 & select Properties. Select the Volumes tab & note the Unallocated space. In my case it is 20505.

Close Disk Management. This is very important or you will get an error later. Double click extpart.exe. At the Volume to extend (drive letter or mount point) prompt type c: & press Enter. At the Size to expand the volume (MB) prompt type the amount of unallocated space noted earlier & press Enter. Again, in my case 20505.

It will just take a few seconds & then the command prompt will close. Open Disk Managment again. Notice the full capacity of the drive is being used.

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