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Error opening an Excel file

January 14, 2012 Leave a comment

When opening an Excel file that was exported from IBM Cognos Impromptu you receive an error that says, “The file you are trying to open, “Export.xls”, is in a different format than specified by the file extension. Verify that the file is not corrupted and is from a trusted source before opening the file. Do you want to open the file now?”

If you click Yes the file still opens however the error is annoying. If you open the Excel file in notepad you will also notice it says, “This document is formatted for viewing in Microsoft Excel 2002 and subsequent versions. You are using a previous version of Excel.”

To fix the issue do the following. Back in Cognos click Report>Excel. In the Version drop-down change it from Excel 2002/2003 to Excel 2007 and higher then click OK. Now save the report again as an Excel file. Notice this time the file extension will be XLSX.


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Surprised by Adobe Reader

January 12, 2012 Leave a comment

I cannot stand Adobe, especially Adobe Reader…man that is one horrible piece of software. Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised that Adobe Reader was actually able to open a PDF file that had 44,206 pages.

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NLB Error

January 5, 2012 Leave a comment

I was checking some settings on my NLB cluster for my Terminal Services farm when I got the following error for one of the server.

Could not locate NLB on the specified computer. Error connecting to “”

Looking through the Event Log I saw a bunch of random errors:

1104 – GroupPolicy – Windows was unable to read the Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) filter information associated with the Group Policy object…

1090 – GroupPolicy – Windows failed to record Resultant Set of Policy (RSoP) information, which describes the scope of Group Policy objects applied to the computer or user.

2314 – Server Administator – The initialization sequence of SAS components failed during system startup. SAS management and monitoring is not possible.

7034 – Service Control Manager Eventlog Provider – The DSM SA Data Manager service terminated unexpectedly.  It has done this 1 time(s).

The fix, run winmgmt /salvagerepository. If you get the error below, run the command again. You may need to find the service(s) that stopped & start it again (or reboot the server).

WMI repository salvage failed
Error code: 0x8007041B
Facility: Win32
Description: A stop control has been sent to a service that other running services are dependent on.

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Error Using DIG

January 4, 2012 Leave a comment

While rebuilding a computer I got an error trying to run DIG that says, “The application has failed to start because its side-by-side configuration is incorrect. Please see the application event log or use the command-line sxstrace.exe tool for more details.”

The fix is to install the Microsof Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable package. As luck would have it the installer is in the folder that the BIND binaries are extracted to. Just look for vcredist_x86.exe.

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Update Fax Numbers in AD Using PowerShell

January 4, 2012 Leave a comment

Just a quick post on how to change the fax number for several users who use 555-555-1234 to 555-555-4321.

 Get-QADUser -SearchRoot "" -LdapFilter '(facsimileTelephoneNumber=555-555-1234)' | Foreach-Object{Set-QADuser -Identity $_ -ObjectAttributes @{facsimileTelephoneNumber='555-555-4321'}} 
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