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ScriptLogic Error on Login

I received reports from users that they were getting ScriptLogic errors when logging in. The first one said:

ScriptLogic Notice
ScriptLogic has encountered a critical error while “Defining OS-Specific Variables…”.

They would click OK then get another error.

ERROR : expected ‘)’!
Script C:\Users\USERNA~1\AppData\Local\Temp\17\~TMFB74.tmp
Lince : 15605

Looking in the Event Viewer there was a corresponding entry.

Log Name:      Application
Source:        KIXTART
Date:          4/14/2011 3:34:30 PM
Event ID:      1
Task Category: None
Level:         Error
Keywords:      Classic
User:          N/A
Computer:      SERVER1.abc.com
The description for Event ID 1 from source KIXTART cannot be found. Either the component that raises this event is not installed on your local computer or the installation is corrupted. You can install or repair the component on the local computer.
If the event originated on another computer, the display information had to be saved with the event.
The following information was included with the event:
ERROR : expected ‘)’!
Script: C:\Users\USERNA~1\AppData\Local\Temp\17\~TMFB74.tmp
Line  : 15605
 Error : Incorrect function. (0x1/1)

So I go to the folder mentioned in the error & look in the Desktop Authority folder. I open the SLAgent_Logon.txt file & find a ton of entries that say, “SLStart still in memory, waiting…” & “Entering OnTaskbarRestarted”. Thinking maybe the SciptLogic services are acting up I go to restart both ScriptLogic CBM Service & ScriptLogic Service. Before doing so I check to make sure I don’t stop any other services on accident. When I click the Dependencies tab I get the following error, “Service Dependencies. WMI: Not found”. Spot checking a few other services I get the same error.

As another test I run MSINFO32 since it also uses WMI to gather info. I get an error that says, “Can’t Collect Information. Cannot access the Windows Management instrumentation software. Windows Management files may be moved or missing.”  Searching around for that error leads me to KB323209 which basically says to make sure the Event Log, Windows Management Instrumentation, and Remote Procedure Call (RPC) are running, which they are.

Looks like a WMI repair is in order. I run winmgmt /salvagerepository but get the following error:

WMI repository salvage failed
Error code:     0x8007041B
Facility:       Win32
Description:    A stop control has been sent to a service that other running services are dependent on.

The ScriptLogic CBM Service would be the one it stopped. I run the command again & this time get a message that says, “WMI repository has been salvaged”. I switch back over to the Services MMC & open up a service to check its dependencies & don’t get an error! I then start the ScriptLogic CBM Service back up. I have the users log back in & they don’t receive any errors.

References – http://sites.google.com/site/zenarstudio/home/kb/windows-server-2008—howto—repair-wmi, http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa394525(v=vs.85).aspx, http://windowsxp.mvps.org/repairwmi.htm

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  1. Kurtis
    December 30, 2013 at 12:07 pm

    This was a big save, as all I needed to do was reboot that WMI governing service and I was able to get my scriptlogic running on a terminal server again. Thankfully I didn’t have to salvage anything, but google led me to this little article pointing to that service, so thanks!

  2. Vinny
    March 27, 2014 at 9:25 pm

    After I stoped the ScriptLogic CBM service on the computer, then ran the Winmgmt /salvagerepositorty command, the error went away. Thanks to Patrick 🙂

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