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Dell PowerEdge R710 Memory Error During POST

March 25, 2011 3 comments

I noticed that one of my many brand new Dell PowerEdge R710 servers was generating an error during POST that said, “Warning: Unsupported memory configuration detected. The memory configuration is not optimal.”

Well that doesn’t look right. Looking in the BIOS under memory settings I see that Memory Operating Mode is set to Optimizer Mode.

Yeah…that’s not right. Shame on Dell for sending this out wrong. Let’s change that to Advanced ECC Mode.

Rebooted & no more error.

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My MSDN Subscription Expired :(

It was a sad day for me recently when my MSDN subscription expired. I’ve had that thing since 2005. Oh, well.

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Backup DHCP with PowerShell Script

March 1, 2011 10 comments

I found this script a while back on Jason Carter’s blog but it’s no longer active so I figured I’d post it here for reference. Be sure to change any paths to fit your environment.

#   Script Name:  dhcpBackup.ps1
#   Version:  1.0
#   Author:  Jason Carter
#   Description:  Used to backup DHCP logs from the DHCP server
#   to another location for archiving purposes.

#Get Yestedays Date In Month, Day, Year format
$yesterday=(get-date (get-date).AddDays(-1) -uformat %Y%m%d)

#Get the first 3 letters of the day name from yesterday

#Change path to DHCP log folder, copy yesterdays log file to backup location
cd C:\Windows\System32\dhcp
copy "DhcpSrvLog-$logdate.log" \\SERVER\SHARE\DHCParchive

#Rename log file with yesterdays date
rename-item "DhcpSrvLog-$logdate.log" "$yesterday.log"

#Dump DHCP database
$today=(get-date -uformat %Y%m%d)
netsh dhcp server \\DC dump > \\SERVER\SHARE\DHCParchive\$dumpfile
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