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NTBackup-RestoreUtility for Windows 7

Today I had the need to do a restore from a backup that was done on a Windows XP computer. Windows XP backs up to a BKF file. Windows 7 doesn’t have a built-in way to restore a BKF file. Fortunately Microsoft provides a patch to install the NTBackup-RestoreUtility that allows you to restore the data from a BKF file.

  1. Download & install the proper version. (http://support.microsoft.com/kb/974674)
  2. Open the utility & select the Restore and Manage Media tab.
  3. Right click the file node & select Catalog file.
  4. Expand & select the folder(s)/file(s) that you want to restore.
  5. Select Alternate location from the Restore files to drop-down.
  6. Browse to a temporary location like C:\Restore.
  7. On the Confirm Restore dialog box click Advanced.
  8. On the Advanced Restore Options uncheck all boxes except Preserve existing volume mount points & click OK.
  9. Back on the Confirm Restore dialog box click OK.
  10. When the restore is finished you can review the report but keep in mind that it may be filled with error but my experience has been that everything restores just fine.
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