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Error printing to the PDFCreator printer

April 24, 2009 35 comments

UPDATE: At this point I don’t really use PDF Creator anymore. It’s free because it’s crap. <cough>spyware</cough>. I’ve switch to using FoxIt Reader. It comes with a PDF printer that functions the same as PDF Creator & then some. You should give it a try.

Description – When printing using PDFCreator you receive an error that says, “An error occurred. Look for technical support in the forums (WWW). Further advice and updates you can find also in the internet (WWW). Error-Nr: 481 (Invalid picture). Modul: modMain. Procedure: StartProgram. Line: 51720.”

Solution – Give the Users group at least Write permission to C:\Windows\Temp.

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Word Error When Logging Off

Description – When logging off you receive an error that says, “Changes have been made that affect the global template, Normal. Do you want to save those changes?”

Cause – This can happen if the file has been modified.

Solution – Click No on the message above. Find the file for the user & rename it to Open Word then close it to create a new file. Now open & close Outlook. If prompted with that message again, click Yes. Now the message will not appear again.

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